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Getting Ideas For Content
Getting Ideas For Web Content
Getting ideas for writing content can be tough and many people struggle at this stage of the game. Well only you can figure out what content will accomplish your search engine optimization goals, there are a few things you can do to get the creative juices flowing. First think of your website in terms of some very broad themes and then think of the different ways you might be able to present those themes. Content can be classified in many ways and thinking about the style you can write in may shapes some ideas loose and start you down that path.

Here are a few broad types that you can refer back to when you need that spark;

Educational Pieces of Content: can be used to show your users how to do something or to teach them something that they didn't know before. You can take a statistics fact, or figure from your industry and expand upon it offering value from the perspective of an expert opinion. You can get technical and focus on details are advanced topics that appeal to savvy users or other industry experts.

Procedural content can be a step-by-step how-to type of article that walks a visitor through a certain process.

Informational content doesn't have to be groundbreaking or prize-winning just putting up a page of driving directions to your store or biographies of your key executive team are both content opportunities that may be missing from your pages.

The news is simply an informational page that references something that happened at a specific moment in time. This could be industry news that your reporting are commenting on or they could be company news about who you hire or a recap of the conference that you just hosted

All of these can be applied to a broad array of themes and there are certainly many more not included in this list. It might help to have your target keywords in front of you as you run through this list. The combination of specific phrases and types of content can often be the source of a great idea.

The second thing you can do as a source of inspiration is scanning your competitors to see if you're missing something or if there's a whole out there that you can fill. Do a quick search on some of your keywords and click on some of your competitors. You can spend some time on the sites and take a look at their blogs of their FAQ sections, what kinds of things are they writing about? Are they categories that you can offer a new unique insight into? Are they hot topics that you can expand upon or burning questions that you can answer? You can also take a look at your competition in social media, what are they tweeting or posting about maybe they got the industry scope that you missed and that might be something right for a commentary piece.

The third you can do is that the people you work with each and every day can be hidden sources of fantastic content. Customers are often happy to leave reviews and provide feedback if you asked them to, and there are lots of ways that you can ask, calling up or having a face-to-face conversation with your best customers can lead to a case study or testimonial that you can put up on your site that shows real customers having good experiences.

For a search engine, that can represent both good content and authority. You might ask the customer to do a thorough review of one of your products or services for posting on your website or run a contest where customers write about their experiences for a chance to win the sweepstakes for prizes some kind. And don't stop with your customers is an organization you have a network of people that you work with that could all provide some kind of content for you. Call-up your vendors and asked him to write a joint case study that you can publish on your website. If your peers give you an award or an industry partner gives you a certification you can be creating content around it, and don't be afraid to reach out to your professional networks.

Your industry contacts might just be willing to offer a guest blog post if you asked them. Coming up with content ideas can be hard, but remember that means it's hard for your competitors too. Looking at the kind of content pieces, you can write, taking stock of your competitors in your industry, and leveraging the people you touch day to day can help you come up with the content that might just attract your next customer

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