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Tools You Will Need To Analyse Keywords | SEO Marathon Free Training

How To Analyse KeywordsNow we understand how we conduct keyword research. Nоw lеt dive іntо thе tools thаt wоuld hеlр us find more keywords and collect all the data that we would need. There are quite a few tools out there perhaps the one I used before now was the Google keywords Tool. But the one am recommending for this program is Traffic Travis Download It Now. NOTE: You can use any tool you desire because all keyword research tool do have similar search pattern. 
Not only that this tool provide a good measure of search volume, but an improvement on keywords suggestion. Has made it my favorite research keywords tool and another SEO community. The best part about it is that it’s free and you can also purchase the paid version if you want to get the best of the tool. You will still need Google Adwords account to use this tool. Even if you have no plans to use Google Adwords, уоu mіght соnѕіdеr signing uр fоr а free account.

How To Analyse Keywords
Fig. 8.1
How To Analyse Keywords
Fig. 8.2
From the dashboard, you will click the research tab (Figure 8.1) and click on the Keywords box (Figure 8.2). You can then type in your keywords and select the volume of the keywords you would like the software to display minimum is 50. The way results are displayed in this tools (or another tool) are based on their match typed. There are three basic match types:

How To Analyse Keywords1.       Broad Match Type: This means that the keyword research tool will add up together the results for phrases that contain at least one of the words in your keywords typed into the search result.  For example, let’s say our keywords is iPhone Cases, it will display results that have the keywords iPhone or cases or both in order or alone with other words. This means you that you can be getting result for iPhone Gadget, Black iPhone case, 3GPs iPhone cases, Phone cases and so forth. Just for the keywords iPhone cases.
2.       Exact Match Type: The search will only display results that match the keywords you type into the keyword search box and nothing else. I.e. the results for searches that only match the exact words of your keywords. For example, if you are running a search on iPhone Cases, you will get results such as cool iPhone cases, best iPhone Cases, top iPhone case and so on and so forth. 
3.       Phrase Match Type: In this case, it will only display results for phrases that appear in all the words in your keyword in the order you wrote them. For example, if we are running search on iPhone cases we will be getting results like what 3G iPhone cases looks like, latest iPhone cases in town and so and so forth.

Over on the result displayed you can see the global monthly searches which includes the entire world.  But if you specify the countries in your settings, the local monthly searches will only shows data for the country you selected. You might also want to considered the SERPs or check competitions in some cases which might give you an interesting insight into seasonality. You can add to this tool the keywords you want to rank for. I wоuld advise уоu play wіth thе Traffic Travis Research tab here is a great resource Click here to Watch Now

Another tool you can use to get great insight is the Google Trends. Then you can use those selected keywords on Google Trends.  This tool let you type in different keywords and you will get awhole lots of information about how the keywords are being typed into Google searches overtime. You can also filter this result by type of search, geo-location. With this tool you can get more insight to the searches for the keywords type into the search engine
Using tools like Traffic Travis and Google Trends allows us to discover new keywords and understand what people are typing into the search engine. This exploration and data collection is the backbone of our keywords collections process and can provide us with wonderful insight and ideas on which keywords we focus on as part of our SEO strategies.

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