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The Key To A Successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) | SEO Marathon Free Training

Patience with SEO is rewarding
Patience is the Key To SEO Success

Search Engine Optimization is a process that requires a lot of work, time and patients. Throughout this course, we talk about how to do SEO. But before that, it's important to set some expectation. SEO is a bit different from other marketing strategies, understanding this difference will make us stay on course with running and measuring a successful SEO campaigns.                                                                                              
Don't Give Up On SEO

Patience is a virtue that couldn't be truer with SEO. The approach to this will bring long term value. There is a reason why those number ones on Google are called Fraud or Scam.  Its requires some serious energy to execute all your methodology, to research your keywords, create through unique content, more links and authorities and to resolve technical issues with your site and it’s a never ending procedure, there's work to be done. SEO is not a one-time project, it a process you will be doing for the long run. You also want to keep in mind that search engines don't interact with your site immediately. It takes some time to discover changes in your content, new connections to your pages and general structure of your website. It will take some more time to put all those factors in their algorithm, to reassess your Relevance and Authority of those changes that reflect on the search engine results

The Key To A Successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Being patient and true to your strategies will help you stay focus on the SEO process you have laid out. Another thing you will see within the SEO is the change in the Search engines and it’s important to realize that we have no control over this. Search Engines are always trying to improve their product that people want and their always putting in new things. Sometimes these progressions are Algorithmic; other changes are about features or changes in the way of presenting content to users.

Search Engines will keep making changes to enhance its experience for their users.  So it’s in own best interest to work with this changes to the best we can. One of the biggest expectations for SEO campaigns! Is to realize that you are optimizing for two audiences: The Search Engines and the Real Human beings. It's truly simple to concentrate in on what we think the search engines will like about our site. But the real audience that generate business on your website! is people. But they may not find us until we show up on the result page. its people that draw the bottom line, but the fortunate thing is that the search engine knows that. Search Engine has the ultimate goal to generate search result that people find useful and helpful.

In summary, If you build your Authority and Create content that interesting to people and if you do it in way that’s friendly in the computer eyes audience as well, the long term and the consistent goal of search engine is to reward that.

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