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Why You Need Keyword Research Plan

Before Optimizing your site, you need to know what you are optimizing for. Finding the right keyword to focus your SEO efforts on can be challenging. But, fortunately, there are lots of data out there online and structured approach we can use for our keyword research. Keywords are typed into the search engine by the users. Search Engines or Web Crawlers Such as Google and Bing will go out and search for the most relevant result for your search query based on everything they know about you and all the content on the entire internet.

Why You Need Keyword Research Plan But it's important to remember that search engine have a hard time understanding what the users is really after unless it spelled out. This is why you will probably follow up on one search with another more descriptive search more than a few times in your life. You tried one keyword, but it doesn't give you what you are looking for. So you get more specific or you try it another way. The bottom line, the people all over the world are typing all kinds of keywords every second and every hour of every day.

It's of importance, we understand what they type in so that we can optimize our pages to be in the search result for those keywords term. Formal keywords research is the foundational piece in SEO, That would help you understand what people are typing in the search engine, how frequently the do it, how relevance are those terms relevance to your business objectives and how competitive will those terms be to rank for.

Let's take and Example, Let say you sell products like iPhones. You might think that the proper keywords to rank for is iPhone. But after you have done a little keyword research! you would probably find that this wouldn't make your targeted watchwords. why? Even though, the word get typed in search engines with a very high frequency.

Think about its relevance. How many reasons can someone typed the word iPhone on the search engine. They might be looking for iPhone tablet or iPhone Gadget. Anyone of hundreds of things that has nothing to do with buying an iPhone. And think about the world out there that people are also trying to rank for the word iPhone on the search engines.

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