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Search Engine Result Page (SERP)
Figure 1.1
Before we dive into working on a website to show up on the search engine results, it's of benefit to know what those search results actually look like. Although there are hundreds of search engines around the world and they all have some unique differences. But there are some common characteristics that their Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) may have. One thing that we are going to probably find from figure 1.1 is the difference between Organic Search and Paid Listings or Ads (Labeled 1).

Paid Listing are different from organic or natural listing that we will be focusing on for our SEO effort. These paid listings are actually advertisement and programs like Google Ad-words or Microsoft ad centers that allow advertisers to bid on and place ads on the search results page.

A typical result page would have 10 organic results that like out to different web pages. Each result might look a little bit different, but they all have at least a headline, descriptions, and visible URL. It’s important to know what this component looks like because later in this program we will be modifying and optimizing this particular element that may appear for the individual results.


One important thing to point out is the internet has changed a lot since search engines first appeared and their lots of content on the web beyond just text and web pages. The Search engine has done a good job in terms of keeping the pace while we still view web page results. While we still view the web page result, they've also gone in returning videos, products and maps on the search engines result in a page.

A common way of describing this is will be that we now have blended search results that include all kinds of different content. Sometimes blended results may have some groups of video clips marching users search query or might show a list of local businesses by map. It could be a group of images or showing prices for a particular product you can buy.

Social signals allows search engines to show more personalized results like news articles, your friend have shared. This result can show up in the variety of different ways based on what the search engines think is relevance and appropriate to the users search query.

The important thing to remember is that you have a huge opportunity to have your content show up in search engines result pages. And the more you understand how search engines decide to show results to users the more you will understand how to get the search engines to show your content above the rest    

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