Saturday, 24 September 2016

Producing An Ecommerce Web Content | SEO Marathon Free Training

Creating content for e-commerce sites serves a number of different purposes. First, it needs to be attractive to the search engines so that people find your pages. but once you've got people on your pages, the content needs to be effective not only in encouraging people to buyer products but also in getting them so excited that they want to share your content with other people through links and social media which help your overall SEO.

It’s one thing to simply describe a product but people are little more complex than that. Going back to marketing 101, we don't sell products and services we sell solutions to people's problems. So make sure to describe more than just the product, describe how the product is actually used and take opportunities through photos, videos, animations or even step-by-step diagrams to really show your customers how this thing works and how it will solve the problem of their having.

This is something your competition is probably not doing a great job of and it will give you an angle on some very unique content that will stand out to both search engines and website visitors alike. You also need to remember that your visitors are aware that if they buy something from you, you stand to benefit. It's like when you going to the electronic store in the salesperson who is on commission recommends the most expensive camera, you know that it's because they'll make the most money if you buy that one. But on the web, we have the option of reading through reviews from people just like us who are at that same crossroads and ended up making the decision to purchase this product. Now they're going to tell us what they think about that decision and they're not getting any commission.

As consumers we tend to trustees reviews and displaying product reviews or service testimonials is a great way to help people understand the value of your products through other people's experiences. And last, don't forget to include additional product recommendations. if your e-commerce software has this built-in make sure you're leveraging it and if not take a look at the many product recommendation engines out there on the market.
As people browse certain products you can recommend other similar products of people tend to buy that have great reviews or that match other criteria. And this can be a great option for cross-sells as well if someone puts that Cameron a shopping cart you can suggest they get some lenses carrying case and an extra battery as well. Taking the time to create comprehensive and unique product pages that help users solve their problems reassure them through other people's experiences and help them through the conversion funnel, will benefit you not only in your sales but also in the search engine visibility that you’d gain.

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