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Finding New Link Building Opportunities
Search engines rely on links to determine whether your webpages are trustworthy and authoritative and to earn and uphold that status it's important to always be on the lookout for new link building opportunities that you can take advantage of.  
One simple way to find new opportunities is to analyze the back links of other websites ranking for a target keyword phrase. The logic here, is pretty straightforward if a webpages ranking well for the
keywords your targeting then they must have some good back links. By examining their links we might find some that we like to go after as well to help out our own rankings. Let’s take an example and say we want to find new link building opportunities for the phrase seo training.
The first thing to do is head over to Google and do a search for that term the top results there, are ranking high in part because of their On-Page Optimization. but another strong reason they rank so well is because they have a lot of good links pointing to those pages. What we want to do is analyze who is linking to those pages, determine how they got those links and create a link outreach strategy to emulate those efforts. One tool we can use for back link research is Open Site Explore another tool that part of the SEO Moz tools. Let's take one of those top ranking URLs from the previous search and entered in you'll see lots of tabs of information about this page but the first tab labeled inbound links list out all the pages linking to the one we were examining. You can play with all the various filters to narrow down this list according to different criteria. But for now were going to show links from only external sources this means we’re not going to list links coming from somewhere else on the same site. You can examine each of these links and your goal here is to gain an understanding of whether or not the link would be a good fit for you and if so what will be your link outreach strategy.
  • Backlinks Opportunity From Directories
One thing to remember is that you want to build strong quality links to your own site. So try to focus on back links with a high page authority or a domain authority. You want to be on the lookout for a few different kinds of opportunities as you go through these lists and one thing you may discover our additional Directories that you can submit your site. You should've already submitted your site to many high quality directories but there's a good chance that you miss some in this type of analysis will let you see what other directories your competitors have discovered that may be able to help you as well.
  • Backlinks Opportunity From Guest Blogging
Another common strategy that may uncover opportunities you can take advantage of is Guest blogging. This is when you reach out to another website and offered to produce content for their blog. This can be a win-win arrangement with the blog gets content that helps their site and their users and in return you include back links to your site within the content that you've produced. Not only does this help with back link development, but it can also strengthen your industry relationships provide an outlet for thought leadership and improve your status in your industry.
Backlinks Opportunity From Nonprofit Organization
You'll also want to be on the lookout for links from nonprofit sites. Many companies will support nonprofit organizations through donations expertise or in-kind work and many times these organizations will link back to your site wherever they may highlight the sponsors and organizations they work with. Links from these domains are generally considered very trustworthy by the search engines. So you might want to think about what causes are important to your organization and consider supporting them. Or reach out to the nonprofit you already working with and see if there's an opportunity for a link or a story that can be published on their site.
Backlinks Opportunity Through High Quality Educational Content
Another great method is to produce high-quality educational content to post on your website for the specific purpose of garnering a link back to it. There are many sites in just about every industry vertical whose primary purpose is to promote industry-specific education and guide their users to informative content. By creating high quality informative content that fills gaps or by creating relationships with these sites to understand what content there in need of you'll gain a network of people and pages that are happy to link to you. Once again this is a win-win situation with a third-party site gets the benefit of directing their readers to trustworthy content and you get the benefit of gaining links from trustworthy and relevant sites.
There are many more strategies that can be uncovered from competitor backlink analysis and the key is to spend the time analyzing what opportunities are out there and how you can take advantage of them and remember to repeat this process with a handful of top ranking pages for each of the keywords that you want to 

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