Wednesday, 14 October 2015

User Generated Content Benefit | SEO Marathon Free Training

An important strategy for growing search engine visibility is to continually generate new, unique and quality content. But there're only 24 hours in a day and can be difficult to do that with your resources. Fortunately, you can leverage the interest and knowledge of your website visitors to create new content for you and this is better known as User Generated Content (UGC)

UGC is content that normal website visitors creates for your website and right circumstances user-generated content can be a very scalable and cost-effective means of content creation. So what are some good examples of user generated content comments; blog comments, blog post, forums or examples were allowing people to simply express their views can help generate new content for your site websites.

User-Generated-Content-Importance-and-Benefit  Some websites take this to the next level by cultivating expert comments by allowing users to vote and assigned weights to certain members of the user community. And allowing top contributors or other experts from outside your organization to write guest blog posts and articles can be a great way to post new and enticing content and have others generate comments and conversations around that content. If you sell products on your site, you can allow users to write reviews of your products as a means to generate new and relevant content.

Again you can find ways to organize, and display these reviews and you can work on ways to solicit more from your customers business-to-business based you might ask your happy customers to work with you to create testimonials or case studies. And keep in mind that content doesn't necessary means to be textual. If your users want share information in the form of video clips, photos or other media format by all means let them.

For any form of content that can exist on a website, there’s is the possibility of allowing your website visitors to help create new content and don't forget to take advantage of user-generated content through social media outlets. A big reason for the explosive growth of the social media services in recent years is that people have a natural tendency to share interesting content with other people and services makes it easy to do.

Remember sharing content whether you have created or your users have, provides even greater opportunity for people and search engines to find and see your content as authoritative.


Lastly, you want to make sure that you have some kind of approval process in place if you are going to let your visitors write or post whatever they want. Unfortunately,  the world is full of strange, automated bots and angry people that can and will take advantage of the ability to post inappropriate things on other people's websites. Make sure to read, watch or listen to anything that's going up on your pages

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